‘Ahlan Modi’ Event in Abu Dhabi Cut Short to Half a Day as Prime Minister Prepares to Address Packed Audience

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s community event in Abu Dhabi, titled ‘Ahlan Modi’, has been scaled down due to inclement weather conditions in the UAE. Heavy rains and flashes of lightning caused traffic snarls and waterlogging, leading to the reduction in participation from 80,000 to 35,000 attendees. The event, which was expected to be one of the largest diaspora events for Prime Minister Modi, will now be attended by Indian-origin individuals only.

Earlier, it was reported that 60,000 people had confirmed their attendance through a registration website. However, community leader Sajeev Purushothaman stated that between 35,000 and 40,000 people, including cultural performers, will now be present at the event. More than 500 buses will operate to transport attendees, and over 1000 volunteers will be present at the venue. The Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi estimates that 45,000 people will attend the public event addressed by the prime minister.

The UAE is home to a significant Indian workforce, with at least 3.5 million Indians residing in the country. Safety alerts were issued and speed limits were reduced due to heavy rain, hail, thunder, and lightning across the UAE. Although videos of snowfall in the city of Al Ain circulated, there was no official confirmation of the snowfall.

Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the UAE will also include the inauguration of a grand BAPS temple in Abu Dhabi on February 14. The temple, located in Abu Mureikhah near Al Rahba, is the first traditional Hindu stone temple in the UAE. It occupies approximately 27 acres of land and has been under construction since 2019. The temple was made possible through a land donation by the UAE government. The BAPS temple will be the largest Hindu temple in the Gulf region, joining the three other Hindu temples already present in Dubai.

In conclusion, the ‘Ahlan Modi’ community event in Abu Dhabi has been scaled down due to unfavorable weather conditions. Despite the reduction in participation, the event will still be attended by a significant number of Indian-origin individuals. Additionally, Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the UAE will include the inauguration of the largest Hindu temple in the Gulf region.

Olivia Morgan

Olivia Morgan is an accomplished journalist with over 15 years of experience in reporting and analyzing global events. Born and raised in London, Olivia's passion for international affairs was sparked during her university years when she studied journalism and political science.
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