Apple Cash Introduces Virtual Card Numbers for Convenient Online Shopping

Apple Cash Introduces “Virtual Card Number” for Online Shopping

Apple Cash is set to offer a new feature in the iOS 17.4 beta called the “virtual card number.” This feature allows users to shop online where Apple Pay is not available. The virtual card number provides a new security code for each transaction and can be easily accessed through Safari’s Autofill.

Setting up the virtual card number is a simple process for Apple Cash users in the beta version. Once set up, users can view the card number, expiration date, and security code in the settings menu. It’s important to note that this number is separate from the one used for Apple Pay transactions and can be changed if needed.

For those unfamiliar, Apple Cash functions similarly to a debit card, enabling users to send and receive money through Apple Pay and the Message app. Funds can be stored and linked to a bank account or other debit card for easy transfer. Additionally, Apple Pay cashback earnings are paid off as Apple Cash, which can also be used to pay off Apple Pay balances.

Previously, Apple Cash operated on the Discover Network, but the company switched to Visa in 2022. However, Apple Cash did not have a card number until now, making it impossible to use for online shopping. With the introduction of the virtual card number, users may be able to utilize Apple Cash on websites that do not accept Apple Pay. It’s worth mentioning that this feature is still in beta and is expected to be released with the iOS 17.4 update in March.

By implementing the virtual card number feature, Apple aims to bridge the gap for the 15 percent of retailers that do not accept Apple Pay. This new functionality provides Apple Cash users with a convenient way to make online purchases using their Apple Cash funds.

Overall, the addition of the virtual card number feature to Apple Cash expands its usability and offers users more flexibility when it comes to online shopping. With enhanced security measures and easy accessibility, Apple Cash continues to evolve as a reliable and convenient payment method.

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