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Art and Technology Enthusiasts Embrace Openness and Generosity at Miami Art Week

Art Basel in Miami Beach is famous for its exclusive VIP lists and ultra-exclusive lounges found in nightclubs such as LIV at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel. However, this year’s Miami Art Week is seeing a remarkable shift towards openness and generosity within the art tech world. Both the Tezos blockchain community and Arcual, a platform offering resale royalties and provenance tracking for physical artworks, are approaching Miami with a more inclusive and community-based ethos.

Both Arcual and Tezos have been established on blockchain technology and have strived to gain acceptance from the traditional art world. Last year, both had installations within the Art Basel tent: Tezos at last year’s Miami and Arcual in Basel.

This year, Trilitech, a London hub of the Tezos ecosystem, is partnering with Refraction Festival to organize an augmented reality (AR) scavenger hunt along South Beach. In addition, Tezos @ South Beach will include exhibitions, panels, and performances at the Nautilus Sonesta Miami Beach hotel. Furthermore, a portion of the proceeds from an NFT sale will be donated to the Trevor Project, a US non-profit organization supporting LGBTQ youth.

The generosity extends to the platform Arcual as well, with the launch of a new online sales platform that automatically includes a donation pledge benefiting The Miami Foundation and their Collective Impact funds and The International Committee of the Red Cross. This donation process is designed to be transparent and automatic, diverting funds from the sales price of works to the charity with no middlemen involved.

The events organized by Trilitech and Refraction Festival and the partnership that Arcual has established with charitable organizations are demonstrating a shift in the traditional art and tech world, embracing a more giving and open approach that is reflective of the distributed knowledge and data bases associated with Web3 technology.

Tezos @ South Beach will take place from 6th to 8th December, featuring an AR scavenger hunt and free exhibitions, panels, and performances at the Nautilus Sonesta Miami Beach hotel. Meanwhile, the launch of Arcual’s new online sales platform will automatically donate a portion of the sales price of art works between 27th November and 10th December to The Miami Foundation and The International Committee of the Red Cross. This movement towards openness and giving may have significant implications for the art and tech world, impacting how these industries operate and interact in the future.

Vivian Thompson

Vivian Thompson is an accomplished and passionate art journalist with a keen eye for uncovering the stories behind the canvas. Born and raised in a culturally vibrant city, Vivian developed a deep appreciation for the arts from an early age. She holds a degree in Art History and Journalism from a prestigious university, where her academic pursuits fueled her curiosity and love for storytelling.
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