Chris Jones Criticizes Kyle Shanahan’s Choice to Receive in Overtime: ‘It’s Unbelievable’

Chris Jones Questions 49ers’ Decision to Receive in Overtime

After winning their second-straight Lombardi Trophy, Kansas City Chiefs’ star defender, Chris Jones, expressed his surprise at the San Francisco 49ers’ decision to receive in overtime of the Super Bowl. This decision allowed the Chiefs to know what they were up against when they got their shot on offense, ultimately leading to their victory.

Jones Calls 49ers “Crazy”

Speaking with the media after the game, Jones called the 49ers “crazy” for their decision, questioning what exactly was going through their minds after winning the coin toss.

“They’re crazy. They’re crazy,” Jones said. “Because the overtime rules have changed, where both teams get the ball, no matter who scores. So originally, you wanted to let the other team get the ball, hold them to three, so you know what you’ve got. Or if you stop them, all you have to do is get three.”

Trust in the Chiefs’ Offense

The Chiefs had multiple chances to prevent the 49ers from scoring, but they were only able to kick a field goal. However, Jones stated that he knew the game was over after coming off the field on defense because he had complete trust in his offense.

“That’s the type of trust we have in each other. We get the ball back to Andy, Pat, and Trav, we always feel like there’s something to do, and in any given moment, they can put it in the end zone. They just did that,” Jones explained.

Reid’s Thoughts on the Decision

Head coach Andy Reid also expressed his confusion regarding the 49ers’ decision to go on offense first in overtime. While he respects 49ers coach Shanahan, Reid believes there’s a reason why he is now 2-0 against him in the Super Bowl.

“He’s a pretty smart guy; so that’s gotta be a reason why he did that,” Reid said. “Everyone’s got their own philosophy on it. And I get it; so I

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