David Schwartz Addresses 10 Frequent Misconceptions About Ripple and XRP

A latest compilation of misconceptions surrounding XRP and its adoption has caught the eye of Ripple’s Chief Expertise Officer (CTO), David Schwartz.

Compiled by a crypto dealer often known as Sir Clown Sniper (@ClownSnipersX), the checklist goals to handle and dispel fallacies which were circulating inside the XRP group, significantly concerning XRP adoption.

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Sir Clown Sniper said, “Okay Mr. @JoelKatz, would you please tackle my NEW “10 issues the #XRPCommunity must study” at your earliest comfort?”

Schwartz acknowledged the accuracy of many of the claims, besides two about R3, which he clarified. When grouped, the misinterpretations addressed within the compilation embrace:

SWIFT’s Use of XRP: Opposite to some claims, SWIFT, the worldwide monetary messaging system, doesn’t presently use XRP in its fee settlement operations. Whereas there was dialogue in regards to the digital asset’s potential function in SWIFT’s future, no formal partnership or integration exists.

BlackRock XRP ETF: A latest BlackRock XRP ETF submitting was discovered to be a hoax. Many believed this submitting was real, resulting in a surge to over $0.7 for XRP. Nonetheless, the token has since shed these good points and is presently buying and selling at $0.6071, down 1.46% in 24 hours.

CBDC Tasks and XRPL: No central financial institution digital forex (CBDC) mission presently makes use of the XRP Ledger (XRPL) for its operations. International locations solely exploring Ripple’s CBDC platform, which options non-public ledgers distinct from the general public XRPL.

FEDNow and XRP: The FEDNow instantaneous fee service developed by the U.S. Federal Reserve additionally doesn’t use XRP or the XRPL. Whereas FEDNow allows real-time cash transfers between people and companies, it operates independently of Ripple’s know-how.

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Overhyping and Influencers: Sir Clown Sniper emphasizes the detrimental results of extreme hype and unrealistic projections by some XRP influencers.

These exaggerated claims, he contends, have induced extra hurt than good to the XRP group. He additionally calls out the “shillers” within the ecosystem and states that XRP wants extra builders. That is much like a sentiment as soon as shared by a veteran analyst that XRP wants greater than narratives to develop.

R3’s Use of XRP: Sir Clown Sniper’s level that R3 doesn’t use XRP or the XRPL was refuted by Schwartz. He clarified that whereas monetary companies agency R3 expressed curiosity in utilizing XRP for its Corda Settler in 2018, this was merely a proof of idea (PoC). Corda presently makes use of XDC as its settlement mechanism.

In the meantime, distinguished crypto personalities just lately criticized the XRP group for supporting the pretend ETF submitting. Coming off that occasion, the group has to remain vigilant and name out unhealthy actors.

James Thornton

James R. Thornton is an experienced financial journalist with a career spanning over 12 years. Born and raised in a family with a strong entrepreneurial background, Thornton developed a keen interest in business and finance from an early age. He pursued his passion through academic pursuits, earning a degree in Business Journalism from a reputable university.
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