Ethel Cain Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Wiki, Biography, Family, And More

Net Worth

Ethel Cain’s net worth is currently unknown. As a rising star in the music industry, she is gaining recognition and increasing her financial status through her music and performances.


Ethel Cain, whose real name is Hayden Silas Anhedönia, was born on March 24, 1998, making her 26 years old as of 2024.


Ethel Cain is an American singer-songwriter, born and raised in Perry, Florida. She began creating and recording music at an early age, drawing influence from her Southern Baptist upbringing. Ethel’s music is known for its haunting and ethereal quality, often exploring themes of identity, religion, and trauma. Her debut album, “Preacher’s Daughter,” received critical acclaim and established her as a unique voice in the music scene.


Details about Ethel Cain’s family are relatively private. She grew up in a conservative household, which heavily influenced her music and artistic direction. Her experiences with her family and upbringing are recurring themes in her work.

Height, Weight & Physical Stats

Ethel Cain’s height and weight are currently unknown. She is known for her distinctive look and ethereal presence, which complement her music style.


Ethel Cain’s formal education background is not widely publicized. However, her music and lyrics reflect a deep and thoughtful understanding of various subjects, suggesting she is self-educated in many areas.


Ethel Cain began her music career by releasing music independently on platforms like SoundCloud. Her unique style and haunting vocals quickly garnered attention. In 2022, she released her debut album “Preacher’s Daughter,” which was met with critical acclaim. Her music often blends elements of alternative, dream pop, and Southern Gothic, creating a distinctive and atmospheric sound. Ethel continues to produce music, perform live, and connect with her growing fanbase.

Social Media Presence

Ethel Cain is active on social media, where she shares updates about her music, personal thoughts, and interacts with her fans. She has a significant following on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, where she frequently posts about her life and work.

People Also Ask

1. What is Ethel Cain’s real name?
Ethel Cain’s real name is Hayden Silas Anhedönia.

2. How old is Ethel Cain?
Ethel Cain is 26 years old as of 2024.

3. Where is Ethel Cain from?
Ethel Cain is from Perry, Florida, USA.

4. What kind of music does Ethel Cain make?
Ethel Cain makes music that blends elements of alternative, dream pop, and Southern Gothic.

5. What is Ethel Cain’s debut album?
Ethel Cain’s debut album is titled “Preacher’s Daughter.”

6. Is Ethel Cain active on social media?
Yes, Ethel Cain is active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

7. What themes does Ethel Cain explore in her music?
Ethel Cain’s music explores themes of identity, religion, trauma, and her Southern upbringing.

8. How did Ethel Cain start her music career?
Ethel Cain started her music career by releasing music independently on platforms like SoundCloud.

9. What influences Ethel Cain’s music?
Ethel Cain’s music is influenced by her Southern Baptist upbringing and her personal experiences with identity and trauma.

10. Has Ethel Cain received critical acclaim?
Yes, Ethel Cain has received critical acclaim for her debut album “Preacher’s Daughter” and her unique musical style.

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