Get a Taste of Nostalgia with this PS1-inspired PlayStation 5

Did you miss out on the 20th-anniversary limited edition PlayStation 4? Well, imagine if Sony brought that retro PS1 look to the PS5. That’s exactly what happened with the special farewell gift that SIE President and CEO Jim Ryan received. An image shared by Yuichi Haga, the Global Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Lead at SIE, revealed a customized PS5 console with the classic gray finish of the PS1 and the iconic quad-color “PS” logo. The DualSense controller also got a makeover to resemble the classic DualShock 1 design, complete with a cable and a plug cover for the front USB-C port of the PS5.

During the thank-you party for Ryan, many industry legends paid tribute, including Ken Kutaragi, known as the “father of PlayStation,” Kazunori Yamauchi, the creator of Gran Turismo, Nicolas Doucet from Team Asobi, and Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida. However, Shuhei Yoshida, PlayStation’s BAFTA-winning indies lead, was not in attendance as he was at The Game Awards on behalf of Awaceb, the developer behind the indie title, Tchia.

For now, it remains uncertain whether the public will have the opportunity to own a version of this special edition PS5. With PlayStation’s 30th anniversary approaching next year, there is speculation that Sony may consider releasing a similar edition for the PS5 Slim at that time. With the immense popularity of retro-themed consoles and the nostalgia associated with the classic PS1 design, it would not be surprising if Sony decided to release a special edition PS5 for the public.

The customized PS5 console, and the attention to detail in the packaging design, pays homage to the iconic PS1’s box art. It also serves as a fitting tribute to the legacy of PlayStation as a brand. The nostalgic appeal of the classic PS1 design combined with the modern technology of the PS5 creates a unique and appealing product that is sure to capture the attention of both devoted fans and new consumers alike. Whether or not this special edition PS5 will be made available to the general public, it has certainly generated significant interest and excitement in the gaming community.

Alex Reed

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