I went through a tough battle for Raquel Leviss!

Tom Sandoval has opened up about the pain he is currently experiencing after his relationship with Rachel Leviss, which was more than a fling. He revealed that he made several changes in his life to support Leviss, including quitting drinking and smoking when she went away to a facility. Sandoval expressed his heartbreak over their separation, emphasizing that their bond was deeper than just a physical attraction.

After Leviss checked into rehab in April and subsequently blocked him on Instagram, Sandoval feels betrayed and hurt, especially since he was there for her when she needed him. He admitted that their split has been incredibly difficult, as he was genuinely in love with Leviss, whom he emphasized was not just ‘some hot girl,’ but someone he deeply cared for.

Sandoval’s past relationship with Ariana Madix ended after she discovered evidence of his affair with Leviss, leading to their breakup. Sandoval now claims that he no longer has any communication with Madix, and that he contemplated going away for a while to work on his mental health, but had to decline due to prior commitments.

Furthermore, Sandoval disclosed that he is striving to maintain stability in his life due to financial responsibilities, even as Ariana Madix is reportedly behind in paying their bills. Despite all that has transpired, Sandoval is still struggling to comprehend Leviss’s motives in their relationship, admitting that he’s unsure if she truly loved him before their split.

Tom Sandoval is currently dealing with the aftermath of his scandal with Raquel Leviss, acknowledging that he is in pain after their very public breakup. He continues to grapple with the emotional turmoil this experience has brought upon him, revealing his vulnerable side and sharing his side of the story in a recent podcast interview.

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