Is Little People, Big World over?!

Amy Roloff’s professional status appears to be changing as she has revealed that she is substituting at an elementary school. While it may seem exciting, the announcement has left fans of Little People, Big World concerned about the future of the show. Matt Roloff confirmed that there will be a Season 25 of the show, which finished filming in August. A major upcoming storyline will focus on his son Zach’s recovery from surgery and other health issues related to dwarfism. This has left fans intrigued about the future of the long-running program.

Some members of the show’s cast have also indicated that their time on the show is coming to an end. Tori Roloff stated in December 2022 that she believes their time on the show is coming to a close. There has been tension between the Roloff family members, particularly between Zach and Tori and Matt Roloff, after a portion of the farm was put up for sale without giving his sons a fair chance to purchase it for themselves. There has also been speculation that Zach and Tori will not be seen on the next season of the show.

Despite the uncertainty about the future of Little People, Big World, fans have likely enjoyed the impressive ride of the show, which has been on the air for many years. Amy Roloff’s new job as a substitute teacher has raised questions about the future of the show, but it appears that Season 25 is a go, and fans will have to wait for an announcement from TLC about the next run of episodes. Regardless of what happens, the show has had an impressive run. If Season 25 ultimately marks the end of the line for Little People, Big World, fans can look back on the show’s long history with fond memories.

Olivia Harper

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