Little People, Big World Season 22 Premiere Date Revealed!

TLC recently announced that the popular reality show Little People, Big World will be returning for its 25th season. The show is set to premiere on Tuesday, February 20th at 9/8c. Fans of the series will be excited to see what the Roloff family has been up to, as well as the new challenges and surprises they will face this season.

Matt Roloff had previously revealed that filming for the new season wrapped up back in August, and fans have been eagerly awaiting the show’s return. The upcoming season promises to bring new struggles and surprises for the Roloff family as they navigate ongoing tension and family dynamics. A press release from TLC teases that viewers can expect to see Matt and Caryn excitedly planning for the future and building their dream home on the farm, despite the strain on the family.

The ongoing feud between Matt and his sons, Zach and Jeremy, will also be a focal point this season. Amy Roloff remains unsettled by the family strife and is looking to bring the family together by throwing a fundraiser for a cause close to her heart. However, tensions run high as the stress of the situation comes to the surface.

Additionally, the new season will delve into a medical emergency that affected the family several months ago. Viewers will also get a peek into the lives of Zach and Tori as they navigate the challenges of raising three kids. However, their world is turned upside down when Zach is rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery.

Before the official announcement, there were concerns that Zach and Tori might not return for another season. However, it has been confirmed that they will be part of the upcoming season, much to the delight of fans. Little People, Big World’s 25th season promises to be an exciting and dramatic continuation of the Roloff family’s journey. Fans can tune in to see all the action starting on February 20th at 9/8c on TLC.

Olivia Harper

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