Police Respond to Reports of Active Shooter at Northwestern University’s Chicago Campus: Students Urged to Evacuate or Seek Shelter

A report about an active shooter on the campus of Northwestern University in Chicago has led to a police response to the area. The situation was called an “Active Threat event” on the university’s Chicago campus. The safety and security department gave the advice to “Run, Hide, Fight,” and to “take proper shelter, lock and/or barricade doors and await further information.” This report was made following an incident in which a witness reported hearing a shot ring out and saw an armed female and a group of people fighting, according to the
The situation has been secured, and all clear status was reported on the Chicago campus. The assailants are in custody, and it is unclear whether anyone was injured. The building where the incident occurred is East Superior Street, which houses the university’s Kellogg School of Management. has reached out to Chicago Police department for more information. This is a developing news story that is still ongoing.
Northwestern University’s Chicago campus has been placed under lockdown as reports of an active shooter surfaced. This news story is still developing, and more information is being gathered to provide a comprehensive explanation around the event. This is an evolving story and will be updated as more details come out. This is an evolving news story and we are awaiting further information about the situation from the authorities. The reports suggest that the situation has been secured with the assailants now in custody and it has been deemed all clear, yet ongoing news developments are expected to continue stemming from this incident.

Emily Anderson

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