Rode, a leading audio company, expands its offerings for creators by acquiring rival Mackie

Rode, a leader in audio devices, has recently acquired its rival company, Mackie, positioning itself as a powerhouse in the pro audio and streaming industry. While Rode was previously focused on professional-level audio devices such as condenser microphones, the company has now shifted its focus to the rapidly growing streaming market. This shift has resulted in the widespread adoption of products like Rode’s PSA1+ boom arm by popular live streamers.

Similarly, Mackie has made a name for itself in the home recording market during the 1990s and early 2000s by offering affordable yet highly functional mixers, PA systems, and related devices. The company has also extended its reach into the streamer and creator space by offering consumer-grade streaming mixers and monitor controllers, in addition to manufacturing pro audio gear.

The acquisition of Mackie strategically places the new Rode/Mackie entity in a strong position to compete with companies like Corsair’s Elgato, which has seen massive success with its Stream Deck controller among podcasters and live streamers. Both Rode and Mackie have already established themselves in the streaming space with products like the Rodecaster Pro series of mixing consoles and the Streamer X audio interface, as well as Mackie’s M-Caster line of podcast-adjacent mixers.

In addition to targeting the streaming market, Rode/Mackie remains committed to the pro audio industry, posing as a significant threat to companies like Shure and Tascam. The merged entity, according to Rode’s parent company, Freedman Group, aims to cater to “up-and-coming content creators to professionals working in live production and everyone in-between.” This marks a significant move in the industry as the new entity seeks to offer more competition to emerging rivals like Razer.

With this acquisition, Rode/Mackie has not only solidified its position in the streaming market but also reinforced its presence in the pro audio industry, setting the stage for continued growth and innovation in both sectors.

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