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San Francisco’s Friends Indeed gallery experiences growth thanks to collaborative efforts

Friends Indeed: A Collaborative Approach to Artistic Stewardship

Micki Meng, the founder of Friends Indeed, views collaboration as an inherent practice rather than just a business strategy. According to Meng, the gallery was founded by artists and carries that spirit. With two locations in San Francisco and plans to open a location in Europe, Friends Indeed has launched the careers of some of today’s most sought-after artists.

Stewardship and sustainability are the guiding principles for Friends Indeed, rather than a focus on financial gain. Meng believes in the long game and prioritizes the longevity of the artists she works with. In addition to placing their work with institutions and trustworthy collectors, Meng has established ties with international tastemakers such as curator Larry Ossei-Mensah and cultural entrepreneur Kevin Poon.

Collaboration and sharing artists have been integral to Meng’s approach from the beginning. She has facilitated connections between her artists and other galleries, resulting in opportunities for exhibitions and shows. Other gallerists have praised Meng’s unique approach, describing it as both a business strategy and a natural development of their gallery programs.

Meng’s collaborative approach also extends to protecting her artists. She has been vigilant in avoiding bad actors in the art world and relies on her network of trusted colleagues to share information and experiences. This level of trust and communication among smaller galleries led by women plays a vital role in protecting artists from speculative practices.

The location of Friends Indeed in San Francisco is vital to its character. Meng believes that the city’s counterculture roots provide the space to invent a model that works for oneself. The gallery’s origin story as a nonprofit publication and research center further emphasizes its commitment to pushing boundaries and challenging norms.

While San Francisco is known for its concentration of billionaires, Meng has found a balance between the freedom to run her gallery without rules and the stability of a committed collector community. Her success is a result of both types of friends she has made along the way.

Overall, Friends Indeed exemplifies the power of collaboration in the art world. By prioritizing stewardship, sustainability, and the longevity of artists’ careers, Meng has created a gallery that goes beyond traditional business strategies. Through her network of trusted colleagues and a commitment to pushing boundaries, Friends Indeed continues to make a significant impact in the art community.

Vivian Thompson

Vivian Thompson is an accomplished and passionate art journalist with a keen eye for uncovering the stories behind the canvas. Born and raised in a culturally vibrant city, Vivian developed a deep appreciation for the arts from an early age. She holds a degree in Art History and Journalism from a prestigious university, where her academic pursuits fueled her curiosity and love for storytelling.
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