Solving the “Resumption of Friendliness” Crossword Clue

Crossword puzzles often include clues that test our understanding of relationships and interactions. One such clue is “Resumption of Friendliness.” If you’re trying to solve this clue, let’s delve into its meaning and find the most likely answer.

Understanding the Clue

Breaking Down the Clue

  • Resumption: This indicates a restarting or renewal of something.
  • Friendliness: Refers to warm, kind, or amicable relations.

Possible Answer

The answer to the “Resumption of Friendliness” crossword clue is “RAPPROCHEMENT.”


  • Definition: Rapprochement is a term that means the reestablishment of harmonious relations between two parties.
  • Cultural and Historical Use: This term is often used in diplomatic contexts to describe the renewal of friendly relations between countries or groups.

Tips for Solving the Clue

  1. Check the Number of Letters: The crossword puzzle will specify the number of letters in the answer. “RAPPROCHEMENT” fits the typical format for this clue, being 13 letters long.
  2. Cross-Referencing Clues: Use intersecting words to narrow down your options and confirm the correct answer.
  3. Consider Synonyms: While “rapprochement” is a specific term, thinking of synonyms like “reconciliation” can help in understanding the context.

Additional Information

About Rapprochement

Rapprochement is derived from the French word “rapprocher,” meaning “to bring together.” It is commonly used to describe a situation where estranged parties come back into a state of cordial relations.

Crossword Solving Strategies

  1. Context Clues: Look at surrounding clues in the puzzle for hints that may point to the correct answer.
  2. Common Answers: Familiarize yourself with terms frequently used in crosswords, especially those with specific meanings.
  3. Keep Practicing: The more you solve crosswords, the better you’ll get at recognizing patterns and common answers.


The answer to the “Resumption of Friendliness” crossword clue is “RAPPROCHEMENT.” By understanding the context and using strategic crossword-solving tips, you can easily crack this clue. Next time you encounter a tricky crossword puzzle, remember these strategies to help you solve it quickly and efficiently.

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