The Duggar Family Turns Their Back on Josh Duggar!

The Duggar family seems to have finally let go of Josh Duggar, as his request for an appeal was denied last month. This means the convicted pedophile will spend over a decade in federal prison after being found guilty in December 2021 of child sex crimes. The downfall of the Duggar’s media empire began with Josh’s arrest (Photo Credit: Washington County Sheriff). There is no indication of any visitation from Josh’s family, despite his appeal being rejected.

From Friday, November 10 to Monday, November 13, Josh was without any visitors. Even Anna Duggar, who has shown strong support for Josh throughout his troubles, did not visit. A source reported that Josh spent his time alone and did not engage in any recreational activities. In December 2021, Josh was found guilty of receiving and possessing child sexual abuse material, bringing an end to his freedom.

Josh has been sentenced to remain in prison until October 2, 2032. The claims in his appeal that another employee at his former workplace was responsible for the crime were proven to be unfounded. There was evidence that the security software installed on Josh’s computer was meant to prevent anyone from knowing what he had downloaded, and was installed on May 13, 2019. A judge found the claims to be ridiculous and dismissed the appeal. Anna Duggar, Josh’s wife, has also been going through a difficult time. She is questioning the future of her marriage to Josh, despite her desire to stand by her man.

In conclusion, it seems that Josh Duggar will be imprisoned for a significant amount of time. Anna Duggar continues to struggle with her situation, questioning the future of her marriage. However, it appears that the Duggar family has distanced themselves from Josh as he begins his sentence.

Olivia Harper

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