Upgrade Your Gaming Setup with the Jonsbo D300 Fish Tank for Hardware

Jonsbo has unveiled the D300 mid-tower case, which boasts a distinctive fish tank design complete with a single curved glass panel. This chassis delivers impressive hardware support, making it a strong contender for PC enthusiasts.

Available in black or white, the D300 measures 236.4mm (W) x 420.9mm (H) x 460.2mm (D) and weighs 8kg. It accommodates ITX or M-ATX motherboards, along with graphics cards up to 430mm long, CPU coolers as high as 180mm, and PSUs of up to 200mm. Storage options include space for three drives, with support for two 3.5in HDDs.

In terms of connectivity, the D300 features the standard dual USB 3.0 Type-A ports, as well as a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port and a headphone/mic combo jack.

The chassis delivers unobstructed wide-view with a single-piece glass panel, which offers a curved design for added visual appeal. This feature, combined with its sturdy construction, sets it apart from traditional PC cases.

One of the unique aspects of the D300 is its compatibility with cable-free/stealthy motherboards that feature rear-mounted connectors. Noteworthy examples include the MSI B650M Project Zero and Asus TUF Gaming B760M-BTF. However, specific board models that are supported remain unclear due to each brand’s different connector placement.

For cooling, the D300 supports up to 3x120mm/2x140mm fans on top, a 120mm/140mm fan at the rear, 3x120mm fans on the side, and one 120mm fan at the bottom. Liquid cooling enthusiasts can install up to 360mm radiators at the top and 140mm radiators at the rear. As for pricing, Jonsbo has yet to reveal the cost of the D300, but its extensive feature set suggests a premium price point.

Ultimately, with its unique design and substantial hardware support, the Jonsbo D300 mid-tower case is positioned to appeal to discerning PC builders.

Alex Reed

Alex Reed has a background in computer science and journalism, holding a degree in Computer Science from a reputable university and a journalism certification from a leading journalism school. This unique blend of technical expertise and writing skills positions Alex as an authoritative voice in the world of technology journalism.
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