VCGamers Mendukung Turnamen MLBB Piala Dandim dan Kapolres Bekasi

VCGamers Supports Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Tournament and Cosplay Competition Cup Dandim 0507/Bekasi and Kapolres Metro Bekasi Kota organized by IESPA West Java, D’Syndicate, and Elang Rajawali Group (ERG) at Kopi Nako, Summarecon Bekasi, Bekasi City, West Java.

The event was inaugurated by Dandim 0507/Bekasi, Colonel Arm. Rico Ricardo Sirait, Kapolres Metro Bekasi Kota, Kombes Pol Dani Hamdani, and Chairman of the Committee, Canka Adzana Jagad. The event was also attended by the Commander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces, General Agus Subiyanto.

During the event, Dandim stated that this activity was held to facilitate all young generations who have a hobby of playing Mobile Legends.

“Through this competition, I see an opportunity for millennial children to showcase their achievements,” he said in Bekasi on Sunday, February 11, 2024.

In addition, he also hopes that this tournament can prevent young people from engaging in negative activities.

“It can prevent negative activities such as drugs, brawls, muggings, and so on,” he said.

He hopes that the young generation participating in the MLBB tournament and cosplay competition can showcase their achievements.

In addition, Dandim also expressed his gratitude to IESPA, D’Syndicate, and ERG for their support in organizing the event.

“Hopefully, what we have prepared and created can achieve its goals. This is for the good, for peace, and to create a comfortable and conducive atmosphere for the people of Bekasi City, especially the younger generations who hopefully can produce professional esports athletes in the future,” he said.

Kapolres Metro Bekasi Kota, Kombes Pol Dani Hamdani, added that this event was held to facilitate the younger generation in channeling their hobbies.

“We hope that by participating in positive activities, they can be channeled and eventually provide benefits to the people of Bekasi City,” he said.

Chairman of the Mobile Legends Tournament and Cosplay Competition Cup Dandim and Kapolres Bekasi, Canka Adzana Jagad, stated that the Mobile Legends tournament was participated by 160 participants from Bekasi, Jakarta, and Bandung.

“The total prize money provided for Mobile Legends is Rp10 million and for Cosplay is

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