Zakai Zeigler and Tobe Awaka become new additions to Vol Club Confidential

Vol Club Confidential: Tobe Awaka and Zakai Zeigler Discuss Their Transition to Tennessee


In this episode of Vol Club Confidential, brought to you by, we have the pleasure of hearing from Tobe Awaka and Zakai Zeigler, two players who made the move from New York to Tennessee. They share their experiences and insights on their transition to a new life.

A New Look on Life

Both Awaka and Zeigler admit that moving to Tennessee was a bit of a culture shock for them. Zeigler recalls his first visit to Tennessee, expecting to see corn fields but instead finding a warm and welcoming community. He appreciates the kindness and love shown by the people of Tennessee, even though there may be occasional difficulties in understanding each other. Awaka, on the other hand, emphasizes the hospitality he has encountered in Tennessee, which contrasts with the gritty and fast-paced atmosphere of New York.

Connecting Through Basketball

Although Awaka and Zeigler didn’t know each other well before joining the Tennessee team, they were aware of each other’s skills and reputation. They finally connected during their time in AAU basketball, recognizing each other as gritty New York point guards. While they may have seen each other’s games and highlights, they hadn’t formed a personal bond until they became teammates at Tennessee.

A Memorable Win Against Kentucky

Both Awaka and Zeigler played crucial roles in a significant victory against the Kentucky Wildcats on the road. They approached the game with a must-win mentality, treating every game with the same respect and urgency. Despite the intense atmosphere, they had experienced even more hostile environments in the past. Winning on the road provided them with a great sense of accomplishment, especially witnessing the opposing arena emptying out as the game progressed.


Transitioning from New York to Tennessee has been an eye-opening experience for Tobe Awaka and Zakai Zeigler. They have discovered a new sense of hospitality and kindness in Tennessee, which has positively impacted their lives. Their contribution to the Tennessee basketball team, especially during the victory against Kentucky, has solidified their place as valuable players. As they continue their journey, they hope to make more memorable moments on and

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