Art News
    1 hour ago

    Nan Goldin Tops Art Review Power 100 List in Recognition of Cultural Impact

    Today is the 1st of December, which means it’s time for mince pies, Miami vacations,…
    Art News
    2 hours ago

    Renowned French curator Vincent Honoré, known for his groundbreaking exhibitions at Tate Modern and Palais de Tokyo, has passed away

    Vincent Honoré, the French curator and director of exhibitions at the Mo.Co space in Montpellier,…
    Art News
    3 hours ago

    The Elephant Sculpture at Waddesdon Manor Resumes Trunk Swinging

    Jonathan Betts, a renowned horologist, has recently completed the intricate task of dismantling and reassembling…
    Art News
    4 hours ago

    Unearthing Treasures: Highlighting December’s Auctions From Sweerts to Palermo

    The image depicts a small biblical scene by Rembrandt as well as a Hever Roman…


      42 mins ago

      The Positive Outlook for Global PC Shipments in 2024

      The anticipated growth in the PC market is a positive sign for the industry, as market research firm Canalys forecasts…
      2 hours ago

      Save Your Money: Why This $69 Android Tablet Should Make You Rethink Overpriced Options

      Deal Of The Day: Doogee U10 At 54% Off! Looking for a new tablet that won’t break the bank? The…
      3 hours ago

      Google’s latest AI project creates abstract musical compositions inspired by various instruments

      Google has introduced a new generative AI experiment called Instrument Playground that allows users to create music inspired by over…
      4 hours ago

      Nvidia Extends Availability of RTX 3060 with Reduced Pricing for Extended Period

      The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 is still going strong, despite the release of new graphics cards. The supply for this…
      5 hours ago

      Silent Call Feature: Making Calls on Android Without Uttering a Word – Temporarily Restricted

      Google has unveiled a feature that will allow users to type messages during a phone call, which will then be…
      6 hours ago

      Uncovering the Definition of “Indie”: The Game Awards Sparks a Familiar Debate

      This year, The Game Awards faced criticism for nominating Dave the Diver, a game produced by Nexon, a large video…
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