Michael Adebolajo dead, Lee Rigby’s killer attacked, has been killed inside HMP Woodhill

Michael Adebolajo, the perpetrator responsible for the demise of Lee Rigby, met his demise within the confines of HMP Woodhill. Indications point towards a convicted purveyor of narcotics who, with a macabre intensity, stabbed him in excess of fifty times. This occurrence has eluded the scrutiny of mainstream media, adhering to a deliberate choice not to grant him the notoriety he sought. Subsequent to the tragic slaying of Lee Rigby, one of the implicated individuals expressed contrition for his actions, attributing his deeds to a state of being ‘brainwashed.’

On the fateful day of May 22, 2013, British soldier Lee Rigby succumbed to an untimely demise while off duty in proximity to the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich, London. The assailants, Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, orchestrated a deliberate collision with Rigby using their vehicle, subsequently subjecting him to a savage onslaught involving knives and a cleaver.

Throughout this malevolent act, the assailants rationalized their brutality as a form of ‘retribution’ for Muslims who had perished at the hands of British soldiers. Adebolajo, in particular, articulated a disconcerting ethos of ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’ to bewildered onlookers. Strikingly, both Adebolajo and Adebowale lingered at the crime scene until the arrival of law enforcement, engaging in a confrontational episode that culminated in their apprehension.

Adebolajo received a life sentence, ensuring perpetual incarceration, while Adebowale was handed a minimum sentence of 45 years. As per reports from the Daily Telegraph, Adebowale conveyed remorse for the heinous act to a fellow inmate and a member of the prison pastoral staff. He acknowledged the gravity of extinguishing the life of an innocent man and contemplated composing a missive expressing remorse to Lee Rigby’s mother.

In response, Lyn Rigby, the bereaved mother of Lee, categorically rebuffed any possibility of forgiveness, dismissing the authenticity of Adebowale’s contrition. “To hear his assailant posit that Lee was blameless and express regret for his demise is the quintessential blow to the sensibilities,” articulated Lyn Rigby. “I do not concede the legitimacy of his sorrow or remorse. Furthermore, I vehemently reject any overtures for contact with me or my family. My struggle to overcome the profound anguish of Lee’s murder has been arduous, and the revelation of his assailant’s regret only compounds my distress.”

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