TikTok Unveils Cutting-Edge STEM Content Hub Exclusively for Irish Users

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are driving innovation and shaping our future. TikTok, the global sensation that has captivated millions, recognizes the importance of fostering interest and education in these crucial areas. With the launch of a dedicated STEM feed across Europe, the platform aims to inspire a new generation of learners and problem-solvers, empowering them to explore the wonders of the STEM universe.

Connecting with the STEM Community

TikTok’s STEM feed is a hub where passionate creators and renowned experts share their knowledge and experiences in an engaging and accessible manner. From exploring the depths of the ocean with @_captain_mark to witnessing live science experiments with @teachwithtadgh, users can immerse themselves in a world of discovery.

The feed also features content from esteemed partners like @scicommcollective_ire, showcasing scientists promoting healthy habits, and @NewScientist magazine, taking audiences on captivating journeys into the cosmos.

Fueling Growth and Engagement

The success of the STEM feed is already evident in the United States, where it has fueled a 24% global growth in STEM-related content since its launch. Recognizing this potential, TikTok aims to replicate this achievement in Europe, leveraging the platform’s unparalleled ability to captivate and inspire users.

Ensuring Quality and Reliability

To maintain the highest standards of excellence, TikTok has partnered with two independent organizations: Common Sense Networks and the Poynter Institute. Common Sense Networks will assess the content to ensure its appropriateness for the STEM feed, while the Poynter Institute will evaluate the reliability of the information presented. Only content that meets the stringent criteria of both organizations will be eligible for inclusion in the STEM feed, guaranteeing a trusted and enriching experience for users.

Fostering Intellectual Curiosity

TikTok understands the importance of nurturing intellectual curiosity from an early age. To encourage young minds to explore the fascinating world of STEM, the platform will enable the STEM feed by default for users under 18 years old. However, users can adjust their content settings in-app to suit their preferences.

For those 18 and above seeking an enriching and engaging feed, opting into the STEM feed is just a few taps away within the app’s content settings.

Inspiring the Next Generation

Marlène Masure, General Manager for Operations at TikTok EMEA, expressed her enthusiasm for the initiative, stating, “We believe discovery is essential to the TikTok experience, and we’re always looking to help our community uncover new and relevant content through introducing new and exciting formats. We hope the launch of the STEM feed across Europe will inspire a new generation of engineers, mathematicians, and science enthusiasts!”

The Voice of Experience

Mark Maguire, better known as @_captain_mark, shared his perspective on the power of TikTok in igniting passion for STEM careers. “I use TikTok to show what life is like out on the sea, for what it really is. Many young people today understand the importance of our oceans and want to get involved, but they often don’t know where to start. My hope is that by sharing my videos on TikTok, I can show them how exciting life as a mariner can be, what to expect, and why working on the water is such a rewarding and worthwhile career. It’s not always easy, but no two days are the same – and that’s what I love about it.”


With the launch of the STEM feed across Europe, TikTok has once again demonstrated its commitment to fostering education, exploration, and personal growth. By providing a dedicated platform for STEM enthusiasts and experts to connect and share their passion, the platform is paving the way for a future where knowledge and innovation thrive. Join the movement and embark on a journey of discovery that will shape the world of tomorrow.

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